Why It’s Important to Prune Your Plants

Prune Your Plants

A good prune is necessary to keep your plants looking neat and your landscape elegant.

When watered and maintained properly, the plants in a landscape look naturally beautiful and lend an air of elegance to the surrounding property. It’s important to realize, however, that plants are living things that need water and grow just like we do, and sometimes this growth can get a little unruly. Pruning your plants is very important for maintaining an orderly appearance in your landscape, but there are some other reasons why a good prune is sometimes necessary.

Training the Plant

When you regularly prune new trees and shrubs, you condition and keep it to a particular size and shape. The first pruning of these young plants consists of removing any broken, crossing, or pest-infested branches. When transporting a new tree, the general rule is to cut away about a third of the top growth to compensate for root loss unless you are transplanting a plant properly grown and pruned at a nursery.

Maintaining the Health of the Plant

It is also important to prune your plants because it helps to keep them healthy. Disease and pests can spread throughout a plant if the affected branches are not properly cut off. But there are certain procedures you’ll have to follow to ensure this, such as using a sterile blade and making the cut in healthy wood beyond the point of infection. Pruning also helps ensure that all parts of the foliage experience consistent exposure to sunlight, resulting in more even growth.

Increasing the Quality of Fruit/Flowers

As with most things in life, for plants that produce fruit or flowers, you can have quality or quantity, but not both. When you prune your plants, you reduce the amount of branches or wood, thus diverting energy into the production of fewer, but fuller, flowers and fruits.

Restricting Growth

As plants grow, they eventually outgrow the garden or other space they are meant to take up, leading to a ragged, uneven aesthetic. Pruning remedies this problem and keeps your landscape looking elegant and well-taken care of.

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