Erosion Control, Snow Removal, Landscape Lighting

In Maryland

Erosion Control: Drainage

How important is erosion control to my property and landscape?

Proper drainage is the #1 issue facing homeowners. TDH has an Erosion Control Specialist on staff to properly ensure the drainage of your property, to minimize run off, erosion and protect the environment.

Snow Removal

Does TDH provide snow removal services?

We do provide snow services to our customers and HOA’s. Since the heavy equipment has transportation limitations, call TDH Landscape to see if you are in our snow removal service area.

Landscape Lighting

Do you install low voltage lighting systems?

All TDH designs include landscape lighting for safety, security and asthetics. We install low voltage, high voltage and audio visual requests. TDH has invested in a lighting truck specifically tailored to address any lighting and maintenance issues our clients may have of their outdoor lighting.