3 Types of Ice Melt Agents You Could Use This Winter

Ice is a fact of life in Maryland during the winter. Here are three ice melt agents you could use to make your driveway save to traverse.

Freezing is a fact of life during the winter in Maryland, so when the temperatures start dropping you’ll need to have a plan for making your driveway and pavers safe to traverse. There are plenty of different kinds of ice melt agents available on the market, but you can do some serious damage to your lawn and landscape with the wrong kind. Some ice melt agents are considered safer to use than others, so let’s consider three common types that homeowners use.

1. Rock Salt

Rock salt is among the least expensive ice melt agents available on the market. However, it is also the harshest for both hardscaping and landscaping. While it is generally safe to use on pavement when the temperature stays above 15 degrees, be careful if the forecast indicates the possibility of melting and refreezing. The water/salt solution can seep into porous stone and cause structural damage when it refreezes. Also, the chemicals in rock start can burn grass and shallow roots of plants, making this deicer a bad choice if you want to preserve your beautiful landscape.

2. Calcium Chloride

Most professionals use calcium chloride as their ice melt agent of choice, and for good reason. It starts melting ice on contact, works at temperatures all the way down to -25 degrees, and prevents refreezing from occurring. This helps protect your stone walkways and pavers. In addition, calcium is not terribly unsafe for plant life, though you’ll want to be cautious and not overapply the product. Only use as much as is necessary.

3. Magnesium Chloride

One of the most environmentally friendly options on the market, magnesium chloride is designed so that it won’t track from your driveway into your home. It is effective at temperatures down to -15 degrees and is the preferred choice for pet owners as well as gardeners. For Maryland homeowners with pets or who want to protect their landscaping as much as they can during the winter season, magnesium chloride may be the best choice of the ice melt agents available for their needs.


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