Planning to Transplant Your Trees and Shrubs on Your Landscape

It can happen to anyone, from the novice gardener to the experienced landscaper. No matter how carefully you plan out your landscape, sometimes it just happens that you need to remove a tree or a shrub from its current location and transplant it in a new one. This job is very delicate and will require the assistance of a professional landscaper who has the tools and experience necessary to perform the transplant properly. Here are two important considerations that will need to be made during the planning stage of the transplanting process.

Site Evaluation

The most basic question to ask when planning to transplant trees and shrubs: does the new location meet the minimum requirements necessary for the plants to survive, thrive, and grow? An experienced gardener knows how many different variables can make or break the successful growth of a given plant. At TDH Landscaping, we perform various tests on the soil and the conditions of the site, such as pH tests, light levels, drainage, and exposure testing, all to ensure that it is conducive to growth.

Root Pruning

A transplant project is inherently risky because you have to uproot the plant in order to move it to its new location. There’s no way to avoid damaging many of the feeder roots during this process, and this can have major consequences on the plant’s ability to take in nutrients and water needed for proper growth. In order to minimize this effect as much as possible, we perform a process known as root pruning – a long-term preparation technique meant to increase the plant’s chances of survival.

In essence, we prune the roots and encourage the plant to grow new feeder roots, which grow within the zone of the future root ball we will then use during the process of transplanting. Different plants have different requirements for root pruning, so it’s always best to leave it to a trained professional.


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