Driveway Markers Protect Your Property from Snow Removal Damage

Snow removal is essential work during the winter months in Maryland. We rely on snow plows to help us dig out after snowstorms. However, too many homeowners know just how much damage a careless snow plow driver can do to their landscaping and property. Plows can jump curbs and rip up sod on the edge of your lawn, and snow drifts can get high enough to obstruct your mailbox, putting that at risk. Driveway markers are excellent pieces of equipment that can help you protect your landscaping and property from the damage wrought by snow plows.

What are Driveway Markers?

In their essence, driveway markers are simply poles with visible colors that are stuck at various points on a property. They are made either of wood or fiberglass and can come with additional features, such as hi-visibility reflective coating and various colors for color-coding other hazards on your property.

Why are Driveway Markers Important?

These markers are important during snow events because they allow homeowners to deliver crucial information about their property to snow plow drivers. It is often very difficult for drivers to make out exactly where curbs are, especially during and after major storms. Homeowners who mark the edges of their property with driveway markers help these drivers stay on the road and off of the curb.

How to Install Driveway Markers

In order for driveway markers to be most effective, we recommend placing them a few inches away from the driveway to account for any obstacles and to ensure that the markers survive through the winter. There is a debate amongst contractors on the appropriate time to place driveway markers. In general, though, most tend to think that any time between the first 2-inch and the first 6-inch snow events is a good idea.

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