How Various Types of Mulch are Crucial for Preparing Your Landscape this Spring

Among the many sights and smells of spring, the smell of fresh mulch is almost always a familiar part of the season. While there are many important steps to take in maintaining your landscape for spring, mulching is an especially crucial one. In addition to the fresh appearance that it provides to your garden, it also provides your trees and flowerbeds with essential nutrients and temperature control. As you are preparing your landscape for the upcoming weeks of spring, consider the many reasons why mulching is a crucial step in caring for your landscape this season.

Chipped Bark Mulch Protects the Roots of Trees and Shrubs

Because of its woody texture and large pieces, chipped bark mulch is a favored type of mulch for the bases of trees and shrubs. These large chips or shreds of bark are perfect for not only protecting the roots of trees and shrubs, but also for reducing weed growth around plants. Unlike other types of mulches such as compost, chipped bark mulch can be harder to manage, making it best suited for the roots of trees and shrubs throughout your landscape. Chipped or shredded bark is also excellent for adding a clean and polished look to your landscape for spring, giving dried out trees and flower beds a new look for the season.

Compost Provides Nutrients for Your Garden and Landscape

Not only will compost mulch and soil protect the roots of your plants and flowers, but it will also provide your garden and landscape with necessary nutrients. Unlike a fertilizer, a rich compost soil or compost mixed with mulch will slowly release nutrients into the soil as it is watered throughout the season. In addition to packing your garden with nutrients, compost will also help to improve the look and consistency of your soil. As you are preparing your garden for new growth this spring, consider incorporating compost into the mix to provide your landscape with a boost of healthy nutrients.

Fresh Wood Chips Provide a Lasting Layer for Your Soil

This resilient type of mulch provides a lasting layer for soil with strong, durable chips around the base of your trees. Because these heavy chips are harder to blow away in the wind or drift away in the rain, they are known to be especially durable to different types of weather throughout the year. With fresh wood chips around your trees, you can protect their roots and soil while also providing your landscape with a classic look.

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