Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Landscape

The end of winter and beginning of spring are notorious for their unpredictability. We can have a few days of warm sunshine followed by a week of cold, overcast skies, and snow is even a remote possibility during this period. However, now is precisely the time of the year when we should be thinking about spring cleaning around our landscapes to get them ready for when the weather turns for good. Give your yard a fresh start this spring by performing these essential spring cleaning tasks.

Pruning Dead and Damaged Tree/Shrub Branches

Trees and shrubs can be damaged from the havoc wreaked by winter weather. Take a good look at your plants and prune back to live stems as necessary. We recommend using a handsaw for any branches larger than half an inch in diameter. Plan on pruning any summer-flowering plants early on in the spring – for spring-flowering plants, wait until immediately after they start to blossom.

Removing Dead Foliage and Debris

When left on your landscape, dead foliage and debris can prevent the healthy development of your plants and promote disease. Use a rake to gather it up from your lawn and pull up any spent annuals from your garden. Also, remove any mulch from your landscape to prepare it for a fresh layer after you’ve finished planting for the season. You should also be thinking about adding fertilizer now – by fertilizing early in the growing season you’ll allow the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the soil and reach the roots of your flowers and other plant life.

Spring Cleaning and Your Hardscaping

Tidy up your hardscaping to make it look fresh and ready for outdoor living when the weather warms up. Repair any pavers that may have been moved out of place by the freeze-thaw cycle. Use a hose to wash away any dust and debris from your walkways and patio and take an edge trimmer to remove any overgrowth.


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