How to Take Care of Your Landscape This Winter

Winter is undoubtedly a slow time of the year for homeowners looking to improve their landscapes. However, while some homeowners don’t think too much about it, this season is all about preserving and taking care of your current landscape. With proper management and care, you won’t have to rehabilitate it this spring. Be proactive this winter – take care of your landscape this winter with these tips.

Use the Right Ice Melt

It might not seem like you have much lawn care to do during the winter, and if we’re strictly thinking about fertilizing, watering, and mowing that’s certainly true. However, with snow and ice comes the need for ice melt, and the kind you purchase from the store can have a major impact on your lawn. Rock salt is inexpensive but the water/salt runoff can also burn your lawn and lead to big problems come springtime. Magnesium chloride is a much safer option – plus, it works at temperatures down to -15 F, which is good news considering the unseasonably chilly weather we’ve experienced lately in Maryland!

Safely Remove Snow

Snow removal can also damage your landscape when done thoughtlessly. If you’re shoveling or using a snow blower, mind where the snow is ending up. Use markers to clearly see where important pieces of your landscape or hardscape construction are. This is especially important if you’re utilizing the services of a snow removal service. These markers can help you avoid damaging your landscape and prevent costly repairs in the spring.

Brainstorm Landscape Improvement Ideas

Since there isn’t much in the way of maintenance to do in the dead of winter, one way you can care for your landscape is to consider the various ways you can improve it later! Water features, pools, retaining walls, and other improvements require careful analysis and planning before they can be implemented. By starting to think about these things now, you’re getting a head start on homeowners that, when it comes to their landscaping, choose to hibernate during the winter!


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