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We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job on the patio and firepit. We LOVE it!!! It is a GREAT space.

Paul F.

As a Maryland landscaper, TDH not only offers the best quality landscaping stone designs and maintenance options, but has been renowned throughout the Maryland area since 1965 for its integration of gorgeous and functional hardscapes. Aside from expanding your outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining, the right hardscape can add new textures and colors throughout your outdoor areas. And nothing can organically introduce the inclusion of a new hardscape to the natural beauty of your landscape design better than solid masonry. Our designers can incorporate a useful, decorative retaining wall and of course a patio to make space feel complete.

Masonry is, literally, the first building block of a polished landscape design . Its process includes the building of structures from individual blocks, bricks and stones – each laid on a concrete footing to avoid settling, shifting or heaving due to freezing and thaw. The expert design team at TDH Landscaping only employs highly skilled masons with decades of experience, who not only have the creative skills to match the finished design perfectly to your original vision, but with the professional abilities to build it sturdy and solid enough for enduring even the harshest weather year after year.

The masonry work offered by TDH Landscaping comes in a variety of options. The cost of using natural stone is sometimes comparable to man-made materials and can sometimes be even more cost effective than man-made concrete alternatives. Natural stone also elevates the beauty and impact of your hardscape project, adding a unique elegance to the overall motif of your landscape. If your hardscaping includes a fire-pit, kitchen, or pond, adding decorative masonry is the perfect element to emphasize the seating area and the beauty of the overall design. If you have an existing swimming pool – or are considering a new installation – landscape stone design is the elegant alternative to tradition concrete or wood. The options are endless!

Our designers work within your budget to get the best solution for your masonry project, and we work closely with local stone yards to ensure the lowest cost and highest quality.

Depending upon the goals you have in mind for a landscape project that you’ve been planning, we can educate you in what hardscapes have the potential to make your vision even more vibrant and functional – as well as which ones may work together to truly use your landscape’s space to emphasize its full natural beauty. Almost any landscape can benefit from a good masonry project and always work to emphasize its extension to your home’s standing structure. Let us guide you to make the most out of your design!

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