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Since 1965, TDH Landscaping has offered services to benefit every aspect of maintaining your landscapes beauty – from the complete design and creation of a new landscape design project, the necessary measures in keeping that landscape meeting its most beautiful potential throughout the year. We offer drainage and erosion control services, a prerequisite in preparing your outdoor space during the harsher seasons.

As a Maryland landscaper we know the intricacies of drainage. Erosion control, however, is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion, which occurs on many residential properties. This is a natural occurrence that can be controlled by creating barriers to water or wind. What most homeowners don’t realize is that every drop of rain that falls on bare soil dislodges soil particles, which then slowly gathers and runs down the slope, causing more soil particles to be picked up and moved along throughout the property. Multiply this by the duration of just one rainstorm and a carefully sculpted landscape can be destroyed by erosion that is left unmonitored. This natural occurrence can become a huge problem when silt deposits interfere with a hardscape’s integrity – such as a swimming pool or garden wall.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions

To maintain your landscape’s beauty and integrity during the colder months, our snow removal service experts will inspect your property to determine what erosion has already occurred and anticipate any future issues. For these specialized services, TDH Landscaping has two state of Maryland certified Erosion Control Specialists on staff who follows LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) practices.

One of our strongest suits and Maryland’s premiere landscaping firm is our collaborative effort in working alongside our clients to keep their outdoor areas meeting their full, gorgeous potential. When it comes to preemptive erosion damage, our experts will come in and recommend which erosion control method is best for you, your unique landscape’s needs – and the environment. There are numerous services that we provide for proper erosion control. Such methods could include swales, dry creek beds and/or the use of vegetation as a barrier. We can address issues with standing water, water conservation and water filtration used to protect the tributaries that lead to the Chesapeake Bay.

Our signature services not only create unique and innovate landscape designs for you and your family, but as a Maryland landscaper we educate you in maintaining their integrity and beauty. As always, our intention is to create a natural, seamless solution for your erosion issues. If you’re located within the communities of Lutherville, Timonium, Hunt Valley, Baltimore City and surrounding areas, reach out to us today 410-692-0050 to take advantage of these systems and safeguard your landscape from erosion.

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