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The lighting is fantastic! The design was superb and Greg and his crew did a great job.

Kristin B.

At TDH Landscaping (a Maryland landscaper) we take great pride in both our approach to working with clients to create the most beautiful and functional landscape design of their dreams, and in the finished product itself. As part of displaying the grandeur of your completed landscape, there is no better finishing touch than proper landscape lighting. This is not only an integral part of any full landscape design, but comes with the important benefits of outdoor security and an increase in the amount of time that you can enjoy your outdoor areas throughout the evening.

Top-Rated Landscape Lighting Services

Our expert team is renowned for its experience in bringing the unique landscape visions of our clients to life, and know that the proper placement of good landscape lighting is integral in enhancing those designs. With over 50 years of experience, TDH Landscaping is well-versed in the best and most convenient lighting placements and products to use. Our landscape lighting options include the use of timers, remote controls and switches to give the customer the most advantageous and thoughtful placements for their lighting needs.

Aside from enhancing the beauty and spaciousness of your landscape, good lighting also provides numerous other benefits. During the warmer months (or throughout the year, thanks to the potential inclusion of backyard hardscapes), you can extend entertaining well into the evening hours by using post lights and mood-lighting. Creative landscape lighting can also highlight any architectural designs on your home’s structure or throughout the outdoor area, illuminated walkways, garden paths and patios, and – most importantly – provide additional security and safety to your family and guests.

Today, landscape lighting is more versatile and affordable than ever and can be creatively integrated into any landscape or hardscape design. Just like every element of our collaborative approach to landscape design, TDH’s landscape lighting experts will help you create the exact look and style that you’ve been envisioning. Whether you’re looking for a romantic mood for your outdoor patio, a softly lit garden pathway, or additional safety along your swimming pool area, TDH Landscaping is ready to collaborate with you in making those designs come to life.

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