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Since our founding in 1965, we at TDH Landscaping have made it our goal to offer clients both the widest range of landscaping options and services and the education to make their dreams become a reality. One of most important elements in keeping that dream as vivid and functional as possible, however, always includes the proper maintenance for each component of a beautiful landscape design project. As a Maryland landscaping company, our expert team is always available to guide clients in maintaining the beauty and integrity of their gardens and hardscapes, but our on-site maintenance services carry the TDH mark of professionalism and quality each step of the way. For those colder months, we offer comprehensive residential snow removal services, helping to keep your outdoor areas functional during the winter, and your garden areas and lawn properly maintained for fresh growth when spring comes back around.

At TDH, our clients always come first, and we keep that in mind in providing our residential snow removal services for numerous reasons. Safety for your family is key – aside from liability issues that could crop up if a family member or visitor hurts themselves on your property, maintaining your property’s accessibility is a neighborly thing to do. Just like on major roads, black ice can even form on your driveway and walkways, and our team is skilled in preparing for that variable.

TDH landscaping’s premiere residential snow removal services are available to both our residential customers as well as HOA’s. Our team can snowplow your driveways and shovel your walkways any time of the day, always with the care and expertise to keep the landscape and hardscapes safely intact. Our services include numerous methods for removal, including shovel and salt applications, snow blowing, plowing and skid loaders. TDH Landscaping is also prepared for those really big, harsh snows with backhoes and front end loaders to tackle what plow trucks cannot handle.

Rates vary depending on the scope of the job and methods used for removal, but clients can trust that TDH’s snow removal services carry the same mark of professionalism and expertise with which we approach all of our landscaping projects throughout the year. We recommend you mark your property with snow markers to eliminate possible damage, but our team is always available to guide and educate you in those preemptive strategies that make proper snow removal all that much easier.

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TDH Landscaping can provide marking prior to snowfall and to guide and consult with you on your needs throughout the winter. Call 410-692-0050 for our rates and availability of services in your area, and learn how our premiere services can keep your landscape safe and beautiful all year!

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