Implementing Boulder Steps Into Your Landscape

Along with water features and paver patios, one of the nicest features you can implement into your landscape is a set of boulder steps. Boulders are a natural way to connect two levels of your landscape. The design elements inherent in boulder steps will depend primarily on the existing features of your landscape and what kind of aesthetic you are looking to achieve. Here are a few considerations to make if you’re thinking about installing boulder steps.

Type of Stone

You have a few options for what kind of stone you’d like to use for your boulder steps. You might decide that a rugged look suits your desired aesthetic – in this case, you’d want to use a bumpy, uneven type of stone. On the other hand, you could also choose a smooth, polished look. No matter which way you go, you should choose stone that complements your surrounding landscaping while staying true to the style you’re looking to achieve.

Step Layout and Design

Your boulder step layout needs to be designed with safety in mind. The staircase should be comfortable and easy for everyone, from adults to young children and even elderly folks. Professional designers generally recommend about eight inches of rise and twelve inches of run per step. Anything shorter and smaller may end up being unsafe, while anything taller and longer may be uncomfortable to traverse. The professional landscapers at TDH Landscaping can help you design a perfect set of boulder steps to suit your needs while keeping safety at the forefront.

Boulder Steps Installation

Once you’ve decided on a stone material and a stair design, it’s time to start installing your boulder steps. The first boulder at the bottom is usually the first step to be installed. During the process, special consideration is also given to potential water runoff – special drainage material usually fills in the gaps between the stairs to absorb any excess moisture during a rain or snow storm. In addition, it may be necessary to retain the material on either side of the boulder steps. A retaining wall is perfect for this purpose and can be installed to complement your stair design.


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