Which Is Better for Your Lawn – Seeding or Sod?

If your lawn has been looking a little worse for the wear and you’ve tried regular maintenance techniques, it may be time to start thinking about more extensive measures. Specifically, it may be time to seed or plant new sod on your lawn. But which method is better? There are advantages and disadvantages to each that you should take into consideration during the planning stages of the process. Here are some of those advantages and disadvantages for seeding and sod.


Seeding is the act of planting new grass seed on a lawn. Therefore, one of its biggest advantages is the larger variety of grass species available. You can take various considerations into account, such as sun and shade conditions and the soil type, to come up with the right seed mix for your needs. The turf will also develop in the environment that it will be expected to live.

However, there are some disadvantages to going with seeding. First, the timing of establishing the seed is crucial to the success of this method – in other words, you can’t just plant grass seed any time of the year and expect it to succeed. The best time for seeding is early fall around the month of September. You’ll also end up waiting longer for a dense, established lawn, and you might need to reseed due to weather conditions or poor germination.


Sod is a piece of pre-grown lawn that is transplanted onto your property. This method allows you to have a full-looking lawn immediately. You also won’t need to worry about taking special handling precautions – the sod can be walked on very soon after planting. As opposed to seeding, sod can be planted at any time during the growing season (provided there’s enough water available).

However, sod is not a fool-proof method either. There’s not much choice in regards to species, so you may not have the best lawn for your needs. Sod also requires a lot of water to help establish the roots on the ground and the speed at which the sod takes can vary with the season.

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