Deer Control & Your Garden

As a homeowner who has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources on your landscaping, one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is how to keep deer away from the end product. Maryland homeowners, in particular, ought to be wary of the damage deer can do to your garden and other plants – on average, one deer can consume between five and ten pounds of plant material a day! It’s imperative to take deer control seriously if you want your garden to continue to survive. Here are some measures you can take to keep deer away.


A fence may be a clear answer to your deer control problems, but it will have to conform to a specific set of standards in order to be effective. Deer have been known to jump over an eight-foot barrier, so your fence will need to be at least that high. Another solution to look into, if you don’t want to install a fence or your HOA doesn’t allow it, is a wireless deer fence. Posts are placed around the garden that emit a deer attractant – these posts then deliver a harmless shock to deer that touch them, keeping them away from your garden.


Sprays and granules are available to use directly on your plants which use natural ingredients to repel deer. These products, when applied as directed, are safe to use on shrubs and flowers. If you are growing food or herbs, look on the label to make sure that it is safe for use on fruits and vegetables. While these products are effective for deer control, you’ll need to make sure to switch the use of different kinds of repellents for maximum efficiency.


Mixing in plants that deer don’t like in your garden is another great way to keep them away. In the annuals class, marigolds, salvia, and sweet alyssum are good for deer control. For perennials, try daffodils, hyacinths, ferns, yarrow, lavender, peonies, and monkshood. And sweetshrub and Japanese kerria are trees and shrubs offensive to deer, among others. Your professional landscape designer can advise you as to the best deer repellent plants and shrubs in your local area to mix in with the rest of your landscape and create a coherent aesthetic.


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