Why Landscape Grading Around a Home Is Important

Landscape grading is one of the essential elements that prevents water from entering your home and ensures that your landscape is appropriately watered. If your landscape grading is not properly done, storm runoff might be directed toward your foundation instead of away from it. Today, we’re telling you the basics of landscape grading.

How Much Slope Should Be in Your Land Grading?

If you are suffering from regular basement flooding or poor drainage, your landscape grading is a likely culprit. Even if there is a slope away from the basement, if it is not steep enough or long enough, it might not be making enough of a difference. As a general rule of thumb, a good amount of slope for grading land away from the foundation of your home is 6 inches for the first 10 feet of area. If you are working with the professionals at TDH Landscaping, we will probably do an even thinner slope with our advanced measurements and tools.

What Can Happen if Your Yard Isn’t Properly Graded?

If your home doesn’t have appropriate landscape grading, when storms occur and water falls on your home, it might run towards your foundation. If the water soaks into the soil next to your foundation, it will cause hydrostatic pressure, or a heavy weight next to the wall. Over time, this hydrostatic pressure can lead to cracks in your home’s foundation, structural damage, and soil erosion. If you don’t have the right landscape grading, it can also deposit your excess water in your neighbor’s yard, which never leads to anything good!

How to Correct a Landscape Grading Issue

The best way to fix a landscape grading problem is by working with a professional grading company like TDH Landscaping. Many different techniques including swales and precise grading can be used to properly drain your yard. At the same time, we can also pinpoint other soil problems in your yard, like too much of your foundation showing above grade.

Professional Landscape Grading for Your Home

If your yard is suffering from soil erosion or you have another landscaping project in mind, contact TDH Landscaping. We will work with you to seamlessly combine your vision with our recognized expertise to make it happen. We have over five decades of experience transforming yards throughout the area, and our goal is to give every landscape a curated touch, while offering our knowledge to keep your residential landscape beautiful all year long. To get in touch, give us a call at 410-692-0050 or visit us online. For more helpful landscaping tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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