3 Gardening Ideas To Bring In Spring


Growing Perennials

Enhance your garden this spring!

Spring is officially here, so now is the perfect time to start planting and taking care of your garden once again.  Whether you are new to gardening or an expert with years of experience, starting a spring garden can be a daunting task.  It is easy to get overwhelmed especially if you a lot of soil to work with and several plants that you want to grow.  Luckily, there are a few simple gardening ideas that will give you some inspiration during the springtime.  

Plant Your Perennials

When it comes to planning what to plant first in your garden, perennials are always a smart choice.  Perennials have a longer lifespan than other plants, usually up to two years, and require little maintenance.  Before planting perennials, you should check the Plant Hardiness USDA Zone Map to know your yard’s specific sub-climate so that you know which plants will survive the longest.  Once you know which type of perennials are perfect for your yard, you can select plants that align with your style and landscape color palette.

Add Some Color

When you are preparing your garden, you want to think ahead and figure out what will look good in the summer and fall.  Bright, colorful flowers are the perfect addition to any garden so that your property will have vibrant pops of color. Right now is the perfect time to start planting summer flowers such as lilies and dahlias.  Since we are in Maryland, think about planting some beautiful yellow and black sunflowers.

Fire It Up

If your garden consumes a large portion of your landscape, then you should add a hardscaping feature to tie everything together.  A firepit is the perfect focal point for any spring garden. After you are finished with your garden, you can sit around your firepit and look at all of your beautiful foliage.  A firepit is a perfect feature for families and at-home events.


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