The Benefits Of Installing A Fire Pit On Your Property

Fire pits are popular among homeowners because they provide warmth and comfort, especially at night.  Discover a few of the benefits of installing a fire pit on your property for family and guests to enjoy.

Wide Range of Uses

Once you install a fire pit on your property, there are a wide range of uses that your entire family will enjoy.  A fire pit is the perfect feature to set up once it gets chilly at night, so you can warm up and relax around the fire before you go to bed.  If you want to entertain guests, you should think about setting up a fire pit. It is a great feature for people to sit around and socialize. You can even cook food over your fire pit, such as hot dogs and s’mores.    Having a fire pit extends your entertaining footprint so you can utilize more of your outside space almost year ‘round.

Variety of Options

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing your fire pit.  You can choose a fire pit that is portable so that you can transport it around your property, with this feature you must get rid of the ashes.  You can design a permanent structure that can be installed and blend in seamlessly with your patio. There are several materials you can choose for your fire pit, such as natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers.  Seating can also be incorporated into you design with permanent concrete or stone seating or you can choose to have movable seating with your own chairs. When it comes to how you want to ignite your fire pit, you can choose from gas or wood.


The professionals at TDH landscaping design fire pits to be as safe as possible.  When you choose a permanent structure, the walls are designed to contain the fire.  You can even use wire mesh to cover the pit while it is burning. The use a gas ignition allows you to turn it off and walk away while using woods requires you to put out the fire before you retire.  Never leave a fire burning unattended.


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