4 Plants to Grow in Your Summer Garden

Fall Garden Tips

Want to know what to grow during the summer?

Just because the summer air is dry doesn’t mean your yard has to be the same. Are you in need of a little extra curb appeal for your front yard? Here’s a list of three plants to grow in your summer garden that are eye-catching for your neighborhood and cookout guests.

Annuals and Perennials

When choosing flowers to grow in your garden, there are two categories of plants to choose from.  You have annuals that usually last for one season and tend to be bright and showy. Popular types of annuals are marigolds and zinnias, which require a minimum commitment to grow.  Perennials are any flower that can live for three or more seasons in a row. Roses and daylilies are popular types of perennials and require more of a commitment than annuals.


Sedum- Perennial

If you have a lot of bare spaces in your landscape and need to fill in some holes, sedums make a wonderful attraction, as well as, adding depth and creativity to your exterior. Sedums are known to last throughout the fall, even entering the winter and changing colors in those late seasons to red or purple matching the leaves. This is our top pick for plants to grow in your summer garden as they are a perfect transition color within the season. If you want to plant this in your yard, be sure to plant in dry soil while watering once a week.

Coneflower- Perennial

Coneflowers are a gorgeous option that comes in multiple colors to bring a fresh and new feel to your lawn. If correctly pruned, they will last into the fall.  If you are interested in planting these flowers, they require at least six hours of sunlight. You can plant coneflowers in soil that is poor in nutrients, so don’t worry about if your soil is too lean to bloom these babies. If you are traveling through the summer and cannot maintain these flowers like you properly should, that’s okay. These flowers require little maintenance and can rely on the rain to grow throughout the season. Even if you aren’t planning to travel, you still won’t have to water the plants and can rely on the rainfall.

Salvia – Perennial

Salvia is a plant you should consider growing in your summer garden. Not only are they easy to keep alive and fresh, but they attract animals you want on your landscape like birds and butterflies. With amazing colors to brighten your lawn, these flowers last past the summer gravitating neighbors eyes while passing your house. If you are interested in planting these babies in your lawn, mixing a fertilizer into the beds and watering the soil will be the basis. When they bloom upright spikes, use those after they die out for the new blooms to approach. You also don’t have to water these flowers every day because they can survive days without water. Give them an inch of water every week and a half, and make sure to not over water them.

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