How to Care For Your Trees

Whether you have a young or mature tree on your property, you want to make sure they stay in pristine condition all year long. Even though trees do not require as much maintenance as plants, you still need to put effort into caring for them especially when it comes to pruning. You do not want a tree’s branches getting unruly and unmanageable.  Luckily, there are few simple tree maintenance tips you can follow.


One of the major elements of tree maintenance involves pruning, especially if the tree is mature.  There are several instances when pruning is necessary to sustain the health and overall life of your tree.  If you have branches that are crossing and rubbing against each other, it is best to remove the branch that is smaller in diameter.  This allows the larger branch to grow and prevents creating a wound in the bark. It is critical that you remove all dead and broken branches with a clean cut so that they can heal properly.  

Healthy Soil

When it comes to caring for the trees on your property, it all comes down to having healthy soil.  Trees on a residential landscape do not have the same soil nutrients as they do in a forest, so you have to supply your trees with nutrient-rich soil. You could have your property tested to make sure that your soil is good for planting.  Soil can be amended with compro and other nutrients when planting a tree or shrub to encourage growth. It is best that you spread a two to four-inch layer of mulch over the roots of your trees to provide moisture for your soil. Never pile mulch up around a tree, mulch should not touch the tree. You can also plant shade-tolerant plants around the base of each tree to retain a healthy soil environment.

Know When To Water

Even though mature trees receive an adequate amount of moisture, there are a few instances when you need to water your trees, newly planted trees must be watered to encourage root growth.  Deep roots need to be established to maintain the trees health and stability. If your area is experiencing a drought or extreme heat during the summer, it is best to supply them with infrequent, deep water.  Make sure that you are given the soil surrounding the tree a good soak a few times so that you can maintain the health of your trees.


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