With Scorching Summer Days Here, Keep Your Lawn Properly Watered

Watering is essential for ensuring all of the plant life on your property continues to thrive. It’s especially important during the hot summer, particularly during drought and near-drought conditions. We’ve talked previously about the best way to water the plants in your landscape. If you want to keep your lawn looking green this summer, here are some tips to help you keep it properly watered.

Cut Grass to Optimum Levels

The level at which you cut your lawn can significantly impact its health. During the summer, it’s best to set your mower’s height at the tallest recommended for grass species – taller grass helps shade the soil underneath, lowering its temperature and stifling moisture evaporation.

Be Smart About When to Water

It’s important not to be too zealous about watering your lawn. While watering your lawn too much won’t be as hazardous to its health as it would to your other plants, it does offer diminishing returns. In this sense, overwatering mainly leads to a waste of time, money, and water. Keep your eye on the weather forecast this summer and plan to water your lawn only when there is a lack of rain.

Be Careful About Watering

By that, we mean don’t rush the watering process. The phrase we like to use when talking about watering your lawn is “slow and deep”. This allows the moisture to soak below the roots and gives it a better chance to be absorbed by the soil. Watering slowly also reduces the amount of water lost due to runoff. For deep watering to be effective, the soil should not be compacted too much – any issues with compact soil should be remedied by contacting a professional to perform an aeration.

Water During the Early Morning

The early morning period is the best time of the day to water your lawn. Relatively cooler soil temperatures combined with low wind lead to more of the water reaching your grass and less of it needlessly evaporating.


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