3 Fire Pit Safety Tips To Follow This Summer

The start of summer is here which means it is the perfect time to venture outdoors. Summer brings warm weather and late nights, so it is a great time to take full advantage of your backyard landscape. If you want to entertain guests or just relax with your family, then you should look into investing in a fire pit. You can create a fire pit out of a variety of materials, such as natural stone, and it can be a focal point of your landscape. However, when using a fire pit, you need to be safe at all time. Luckily, there are few simple safety tips you can follow while using a fire pit this summer.

Location Is Key

When it comes to being safe with your fire pit, it all about where you install it.  You want to make sure it sits on a nonflammable surface, such as concrete, so a patio will be your best option.  It is essential that you avoid placing the structure on your grass, so you can avoid any loose embers setting your property on fire.  When installing your fire pit on your patio, make sure pets and small children are supervised while fire pit is lit.

Light It Up Correctly

When starting a fire, it is essential that you avoid using lighter fluid or gasoline to ignite your fire pit.  It is best that you go to your local hardware store and invest in a fire starter kit so that you can be as safe as possible.  Most fire starter kits include a professional grade lighter or matches. You need to know what types of wood to put in your pit so that you can have a controlled fire.  Seasoned hardwoods such as hickory or oak are the best options when lighting your fire pit. There are also options for fire pits that include gas ignition. This is by far the easiest and cleanest option for lighting a fire pit but this will cost additional money and must be installed by a professional. Gas lines need to be run to the fire pit and a starter needs to be installed.  Included in this will be either a log set or fire rock. Fire rock can be bought in many different colors and adds an upscale look to your fire pit. This option can also be turned off when you leave, where a log fire pit needs to be out before you leave.

Be Prepared To Put It Out

With a log fire pit it is smart to have a functional garden hose readily available when using your fire pit.  You want to be prepared to put out your fire quickly if you see embers flying out of your pit. Make sure you are putting out your fire before you leave whether it is to go out on the town or to go to bed for the night.  As always please do not leave any fire pit unattended and make sure fire is completely out when you leave.


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