3 Lawn Care Tips For Fall

Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Landscape

Discover a few simple lawn care tips to follow this fall.

It is getting colder and colder outside, but that doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your lawn.  You should be caring for your lawn until the first frost so that it survives the frigid winter.  Your grass and soil are still absorbing moisture and nutrients, so you want to continue caring for it so that it is healthy in the spring.  Luckily, there are few simple tips to follow if you want to care for your lawn this fall.

Remove Leaves

An important step for caring for your lawn is leaf removal.  Whether you rake them up or use a blower, you need to be removing leaves from lawn, especially after they have all fallen from your trees.  Piles of leaves on your lawn prevent light and moisture from getting to your grass and soil. The last thing you want is to push off raking, and then a rainstorm comes causing them to become soggy and matted.  This has the potential to breed fungus and disease, so you want to remove leaves as quickly as possible.

Don’t Stop Mowing

When caring for your lawn this fall, it is critical that you do not stop cutting your lawn until the first hard frost.  When cutting it regularly throughout the season, you should keep your grass around three inches tall. Once you get to the end of the season, drop the blade to the lowest setting for the last few cuts.  This will allow more sunlight to get to your grass and soil. It is also good to mow over the last of leaves scattered around your lawn because it turns them into mulch, which gives nutrients to your lawn.

Aerate and Fertilize

If you want your lawn to survive the frigid winter, make sure you aerate and fertilize it this fall.  Using an aerator on your lawn punches holes through the soil so that fertilizer and water can reach directly to the roots.  Fertilizer is basically plant sugars that give grass energy to come back healthy in the spring. It is best that you use a slow-release fertilizer at the end of fall so that your soil and roots receive it throughout the winter.


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