3 Tips To Gardening In The Heat

Getting Your Garden Area Ready for Planting

Learn how to garden in the summer heat!

We are in the middle of July which means we are entering the hottest days of summer.  The heat along with humidity can have an effect on your garden; however, you shouldn’t let the summer heat stop you from growing a luscious, beautiful garden.  Discover a few tips to gardening in the heat this summer.

Location Is Key

It is important that you know each plants tolerance to sun.  Where to plant your flowers and shrubs and produce is key. As a general rule for growing flowering plants and produce, it is wise to choose a spot that allows for sunlight in the morning and some shade during the hottest part of the day.  You want to avoid having the sun beating down on your flower garden throughout the entire day, but vegetables thrive in full sun all day. Remember to water your plants more in the morning especially if you suspect it is going to be excessively hot during the day.

Choose The Right Plants and Produce

If you are growing flowers, make sure you are choosing annuals and perennials that do well in the area you are planting. Heavy root plants like sedum and daylilies are unaffected by the heat because they hold excess moisture in their roots. Fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, squash and berries need at least one month of 80 and 90-degree weather for their produce to mature and ripen.

Know When To Water

With lessening rainfall in the summer months, it is critical that you know how to water your gardens.  You might think to give your plants extra water, but overwatering your plants can do more harm than good.   Make sure you are watering your plants thoroughly in the morning before 11am or after the heat of the day around 6pm so that they can absorb as much moisture as possible. Try not to wet the leaves too much, especially if you water in the evening.  Water left on leaves during the day can actually magnify the sun and burn the plants, but water left on leaves overnight can cause rot and mildew.


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