3 Ways To Enhance Your Landscaping This Spring

spring landscaping We are in the middle of April, so it is time to start paying attention to the landscape that surrounds your home. Right now is the perfect moment to plan how you to want care for and upgrade your current landscape. You should want your landscape to have luscious green grass and look balanced once May and June come around. Luckily there are a few simple ways to enhance your landscape this spring.

Fertilizer Is Key

An important aspect of landscape maintenance is applying fertilizer to your lawn, which gives nutrients to the soil. Depending on the type of grass you want to grow, you might not have to fertilize your lawn in the spring. It is essential that you know the type of grass you are growing and when the time it is to apply fertilizer. Make sure that you are using a slow-release fertilizer so that you are limiting an impact on the environment and to increase nutrient absorption. Do not forget to add fertilizer to any trees and shrubs you are planting in the spring.

Know The Growth

A great way to enhance the look of your landscape is to plant flowers and shrubs of different sizes around your property. You want your landscape to be intriguing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You need to know the size your plants will end up before you even plant their seeds. You want to have a landscape that is balanced with plants of varying sizes. Each plant grows at different rates, so you need to know the growth rate of every plant. The last thing you want is plants to grow too large then you have to take them out of the soil and dispose of them.

Harmonize With The Exterior

When preparing your landscape for spring, it is critical that you have the exterior of your home in mind. Make sure that you have plants and shrubs that contrast your exterior. You want all of the colors of your plants to make sense with the exterior of your home. When it comes preparing your landscape for spring, it is all about balance. You do not want your garden and landscape features to take away from the exterior of your home. You want both elements to be on display so that they are a cohesive image to guests.


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