Material Options Available for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Homeowners in Maryland love spending time outside, which is why patios and outdoor kitchens are at the top of wish lists all over the state. These home additions are especially valued during the summer – what better way is there to entertain your guests than cooking delicious food outside? Outdoor kitchens can be made with many different kinds of materials to suit any aesthetic. What are the material options that you have to choose from for your outdoor kitchen? Here are a few of the most popular.

Concrete Block Construction

While a concrete block outdoor kitchen must be installed on a stable slab of concrete, it is an affordable, hardy option for homeowners. Attractive facing covers are used to achieve the look you desire, making this material one of the most customizable available.


Bricks also need a stable concrete foundation and can be more time-consuming to construct than other materials. However, the beautiful finish that results from this material more than makes up for the extra time needed. Brick requires special, high-level masonry skills in order to get a clean, beautiful product, so it’s best to hire a contractor with experience for this kind of outdoor kitchen project.


Outdoor kitchens can also be constructed with a wood frame. However, the extreme heat output of the average grill makes it necessary to use pressure-treated pine wood in the frame, as well as cover it with a cement backer board. Once this backer board is installed, any number of materials can be used to decorate the face and personalize the look of your outdoor kitchen.


One of the most popular materials in general hardscaping, this material really comes into its own in outdoor kitchens. The rugged grace of stone conveys a very upscale aesthetic – a perfect style for many homeowners. Stone also integrates well with existing hardscaping and can be matched to your particular existing material palette.


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