3 Ways To Use Natural Stone On Your Property

Water Feature

Know how to use natural stone within your landscape design.

Do you want to incorporate natural stone into your home landscape design?  Natural stone is one of the best hardscaping materials on the market because it is highly durable, as well as, aesthetically pleasing.  You will never have to worry about any of the elements damaging your natural stone patio or walkway. If you are intrigued by using natural stone on your property, there are few simple ways to incorporate the material into your landscape design.


When it comes to incorporating natural stone into your landscape design, you should start with a patio.  Natural stone is perfect for a patio because it is incredibly strong and stands up well to heavy foot traffic.  A popular natural stone for patios is flagstone because of its natural flat state. Bluestone is another popular option for patios because it is highly durable and has a natural, rustic appearance. Both of these options are readily available on the East Coast since most of the quarries are between North Carolina and New York.

Retaining Wall

A feature that is growing in popularity among homeowners is retaining walls because they provide structure to any property.  If you happen to have slopes or hills on your property, then a retaining wall is the perfect addition. A retaining wall keeps soil in place and prevents erosion from occurring on your property.  Stone veneer is popular options for retaining walls because it is strong and easy cut and shape. Retaining walls can be incorporated into any pool design to muli-task for soil retention and additional seating around your pool.  The use of Pennsylvania fieldstone or Tennessee fieldstone creates a rustic natural element to any design.


If you want to improve the way you travel around your property, then you should invest in natural stone walkways.   Natural stone walkways give a cohesive and rustic look to your property. You can also install natural stone walkways seamlessly together with your patio. The use of natural stone gives the property an upscale feel as well as fits seamlessly into the natural environment around your property.  The use of different stone can change the feel of you landscape from rustic to modern. Using Travertine around pools creates an upscale, clean, modern look while use of bluestone or flagstone gives the property age, melding naturally into any landscape.



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