4 Unique Trends in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

In the past, landscape lighting was a luxury that relatively few homeowners employed due to how much maintenance you had to put into a setup. Light bulbs burned out relatively quickly and many homeowners didn’t want to deal with the hassle. However, the development of LED lighting, featuring light bulbs with ten to fifteen year lifespans, eliminated this maintenance barrier and led to widespread adoption of outdoor landscape lighting. Here are four unique trends in outdoor landscape lighting we have been noticing lately that you can try.

1. Utilizing Color

White lighting used to be the best option available on the market until fairly recently. New technological developments in LED lighting has paved the way to color filters and even lighting that changes colors through smartphone apps. You can utilize colored lighting to bring out additional warmth in your landscape or create a highly stylized point of focus for a particular highlight of it.

2. Small Lighting Options

One of the lighting features most requested by homeowners are tiny accent lights. These are clustered together and usually hidden in plantings and walkways to create depth in a particular area. You can also use them to subtly accent small pieces of your landscape.

3. Statement Lighting Options

Not only are small accent lights popular right now, but so are big lights that act as the feature part of a landscape lighting scheme. Orbs (available in both white and colored varieties) can make quite the bold statement in your yard. Spotlights are also available to highlight large portions of your property.

4. Technological Innovations

As we mentioned above, technology is one of the primary drivers behind the rapid development of outdoor landscape lighting. Most homeowners are probably familiar with lighting timers and how they function – but nowadays the timer can be integrated into a full smart home setup, controllable from your smartphone wherever you are. Lighting options are also available that can change colors on demand or a regular pattern through the use of a dedicated app.


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