How To Care For Your Pool During The Summer

New Pool Planning

Learn how to care for your pool this summer.

It is warming up outside, so it is finally time for you and your family to take a dip in your home swimming pool.  Summer is right around the corner, so you can invite guests over and take full advantage of your pool.  With all of the fun owning a pool brings, you also have to make sure that is stays clean and doesn’t turn a murky green color.  Luckily, there are few simple tips you can follow so that you can keep your pool healthy all summer long.

Skim and Scrub

When taking care of your home pool, it is essential that you skim and scrub it on a regular basis.  No one wants leaves and debris to build-up in their pool, so you need to skim the surface at least a few times a week if not every day.  You also want to focus on the walls of your pool to prevent algae from consuming your structure. Make sure to scrub the walls of your pool a few times a month, but make sure to inspect it regularly.

Focus On Chemical Levels

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is checking the chemical levels and making sure they are properly balanced.  You want the pH levels in your pool to be between 7.2 and 7.8, and the lower the level, the less chlorine you will need. You want to be checking the pH levels in your pool at least one to two times a week.  You can purchase a testing kit from your local pool store. All you have to do to test your water is put a sample of your pool’s water in the kit and add the provided solution. Once the sample has changed colors, you can compare it to the colors shown in the testing kit.

Watch The Water Levels

It is important that you are keeping an eye on the height of the water in your pool.  The water level should be halfway up the opening of your skimmer. If it is too low, the pump can run dry, and if it is too high, the skimmer door will not function properly.  If the water levels in your pool are too low, all you have to do is fill it with a garden hose. After, you need to make sure to balance the chemical levels again.


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