Fall Cleanup In Your Landscape

As beautiful oranges and reds begin appearing on your landscape, the time will soon come when you need to prepare it for the barren winter season. Doing fall cleanup tasks now lessens the amount of work you’ll have to do in the spring, ensures the health of your landscape going forward, and keeps your family and property protected from the damage that winter can wreak. Get the most out of your fall landscape by completing these essential cleanup tasks.

Clean Debris

The leaves are indeed beautiful during the fall, but once they fall off you’ll need to take care of them promptly. Fallen leaves on your flower beds and gardens are great hideouts for pests, so clear them out to protect your plant life. Clean up gutters of any fallen leaves and other debris as well – they can block the flow of water from your roof, creating major problems during the fall rains and winter snow not just for your landscape, but also your home.

Fall Prune

The fall is a perfect season to prune your bushes and trees. Dead branches can be a significant safety hazard during the winter, especially since Maryland tends to see one or two major snow events every year. If you have blooming perennials in your garden, prune them back and train the branches to ensure proper growth next spring.

Aerate and Fertilize your Lawn

Aeration allows water to seep into your lawn, preventing it from pooling, and allows vital nutrients to penetrate to the grass roots. To make sure the job is done properly, contact a professional landscape maintenance company like TDH Landscaping. In addition, adding a fall fertilizer will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the harsh winter. Look for a product high in phosphorous content for best results.

Plant Fall Annuals

Some shrubs and plant species are better suited for fall planting than spring planting. If you’re looking to have flowers such as hyacinth ready to bloom next spring, now is the time to get them in the ground before the winter freeze.


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