How To Plant And Grow The Perfect Tree

Trees and Shrubs

Planting a tree is easier than you might think.

As a homeowner, you should focus on the appearance of the exterior of your property as much as the interior.  We are in the middle of the fall, so it is the perfect time to perform some landscape maintenance and planting.  If you want to enhance the look and feel of your property for the long-term, then you should be looking to planting one of more trees.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips to planting a healthy tree.

Focus On The Hole Shape

When it comes to growing a tree, you need to start with a digging a hole that is about three to five times the diameter of the root ball.  It is best to create a saucer-shape so that it is wide enough for the roots. Digging a large enough hole allows for the roots to penetrate the backfill and anchor the tree well.  If your tree is growing in clay or wet-soil, then you want to use a planting fork to roughen the bottom and sides of the hole.

Cutting and Backfilling

One of the most important aspects of tree planting is cutting the material surrounding the root ball.  Once you place the tree in the hole, you need to cut the excess material around the root ball so that the trunk and roots do not grow into the material, which can cut off the flow of nutrients.  After this is done, you should backfill the hole with soil. When backfilling, make sure that the soil is loose and evenly distributed, and that the tree is properly placed in a straight, upright position.  Once the hole is filled half-way, you want to water around the roots to eliminate air pockets from forming. You should then fill the hole the rest of the way up and the tree should in a solid, strong position.

Water and Mulch

After your tree is planted properly, you want to water the soil on a daily basis for several weeks.  After the point, you can begin to decrease the frequency of watering because the root should grow right into the surrounding the soil.  It is important that you put mulch around the base of your tree to keep in moisture and maintain the health of your tree. It is best to create a two-inch layer of mulch around the base of your tree. Make sure mulch is kept 2 inches from the trunk of the tree.


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