How to Protect Your Landscape from the Snow Removal Process this Winter

How to Protect Your Landscape from the Snow Removal Process this Winter

While snow alone may not be enough to cause significant damage to your landscape, certain types of snow removal can have lasting, damaging effects on both your landscape and hardscape this season. For this reason, it is important to keep the health of your landscape in mind as you as removing snow from your trees, garden, patio, or driveway throughout the winter. If you’re up for the challenge of DIY snow removal for your home, it is crucial to consider how you can protect your landscape from the effects of the snow removal process so that your outdoor space will continue to look beautiful for the spring.

Avoid Using a Metal Shovel on Your Hardscape

Although your hardscape may be durable against the elements, the scraping of a metal shovel against its surface can cause significant damage, especially in chilly winter temperatures! Rather than shoveling snow off of your stone walkways, driveway, or patio, consider using a snow blower or a broom instead. This simple step will help to avoid creating scrapes in the beautiful stone on your hardscape that may even lead to more serious damage in the freeze and thaw process.

Remove Snow from Your Landscape as Soon as Possible

By removing snow as soon as possible, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your lawn and landscape design. After the snow has hardened, it is more difficult to remove. Attempting to remove a mass of frozen snow from a grassy part of your landscape can damage the grass or garden, as well as leaving piles of snow to melt around your outdoor space. Not only are lingering snow piles unsightly additions to your landscape, but they can also lead to fungal infections in the grass beneath the remaining snow.

Allow Frozen Branches to Thaw Before Adjusting

Attempting to move or break frozen branches before they can cause severe damage to the trees of your landscape. Once the branches are thawed, they will be easier to prune without causing additional damage to the tree or surrounding branches. While removing broken limbs is an essential aspect of winterizing your yard for the season, it is important to do this either before or after it snows.

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