Important Considerations to Make When Planning for a New Pool

Dreaming of warm summer days? It’s hard not to when bitter cold winds blow and the Maryland winter is in full force! While we’ve talked before about why now is the perfect time to plan a new landscaping project, you might also be thinking about having a new pool installed. Hot summer days are indeed better by the pool, but there are some special considerations you’ll need to make before taking the plunge. By making these considerations now, the installation process will go much smoother when work begins in the spring.

Pool Usage

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner would want to have a pool installed in their landscape, and these will inform many of the other decisions you make during the planning process. For example, homeowners with children will want special features in their pool, like a shallow end, slides, or diving boards, that homeowners without children may not need. There are also people who install pools because they feel it is a good investment. A pool like this will need to be designed carefully with premium materials and luxury additions such as water features.

Landscaping Around the Pool

The landscaping surrounding the pool is just as important, if not more so, than the actual pool. You’ll want to design the area around the pool with style and practicality in mind. Ornamental grasses, potted plants, and rocks are generally quite popular with homeowners. A professional landscaper can help walk you through your options and create a design that blends in with the rest of your landscape.

The Focal Point of Your Landscape

Certain choices you make when planning a pool will have major implications for the overall aesthetic of your back yard. Using bright tiles in your pool construction, for example, will draw the viewer’s eye and make the pool the focal point of the landscape. But if you want the viewer’s attention drawn to a different part of the landscape, you’ll want to use more subdued materials in the construction of your pool. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this as long as you plan accordingly.


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