Is Your Landscape Ready For Winter Storms?

Taking Care of Landscape in Winter

Make sure your landscape is ready for frigid winter weather.

December is officially here, which means winter will be here before you know it.  With winter comes the potential for serious snow storms. It is important that you prepare your landscape for heavy snowfall so that you can prevent serious damage.  The last thing you want is for tree branches to break onto your roof or fence.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips for preparing and protecting your landscape for winter storms.

Know How to Prune

One of the most important aspects of preparing your landscape for winter storms is to prune your trees.  It is best to prune your trees late fall/ early winter when all of the leaves have fallen off so that you can inspect the branches easily.  You want to prune and trim any branches that are weak or dead, especially if they are hanging over your home. It is best to start pruning your trees when they are young so that you can build a strong foundation.  It is important that you do not prune your trees while the ground is frozen so that they do not lose water and moisture.

Keep Watering Plants

Even though it cold and freezing in the winter, you still need to keep your NEW plants hydrated.  Evergreen plants will lose moisture through their leaves during the winter, so make sure you are watering them every few weeks or so, especially if you are not receiving rain.  Watering your new trees on a regular basis will allow them to survive a hard-freeze this winter. There are also several anti-transpirant products on the market that help prevent moisture loss in plants during the winter.

Focus On Salt Usage

It is common for homeowners to use road salt to melt snow and ice on their property.  However, traditional salt –Rock Salt- can damage your landscape and can harm your pets if ingested.  Sodium Chloride (Rock salt) can also damage asphalt, brick, stone, metal and wood. An alternative is the use of Magnesium Chloride; this is environmentally friendly, safe for pets and plants. This product works at a lower temperature, negative 13 degrees, and is blue so it is easy to see.   Also keep in mind that both of these are chemicals and can damage asphalt and natural stone. There is quite a difference in the price between traditional Rock Salt and Magnesium it is about 25% higher for Magnesium so you must consider this when selecting the product that is best for you and your family.


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