Does Your Landscape Need Retaining Walls This Spring?


When planning out improvements to your landscape this winter, it’s worth approaching the situation from two angles. Aesthetic improvements improve the overall look of your landscape by either synchronizing elements together or adding more ornate features. Practical improvements help your landscape function better – this can address a variety of issues. Retaining walls can serve both purposes and may be a great, or even necessary, addition to your landscape design this spring. Here are some of the ways retaining walls can be used.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can be a big problem for some properties and it can compound over time when left untreated. When the area surrounding your home is uneven, rainwater can wash away your soil and strip away precious nutrients your plants need to thrive. Retaining walls act to stabilize the grading around your home and prevent this erosion from happening.

Pool Protection

This same rainwater can also wash soil into your pool if it is not properly accounted for during the planning process. Retaining walls are barriers that prevent this from happening. When planning a retaining wall for your pool area, harmonize it with the pool design by using materials that match with the composition of the pool and hardscaping surrounding it.

Increasing Space

Retaining walls can also be used to create additional space on your landscape by flattening sloped land. On a more dramatic scale, you can create “steps” that act, in a sense, as different outdoor rooms connected by walkways and staircases. If you have a primarily sloped backyard, these retaining walls can give you the flat space needed for a patio or a spot for a hot tub.

Aesthetic Focal Points

The three uses above are all examples of how retaining walls are used for practical purposes, but they don’t always have to be utilized that way. A retaining wall draws the eye and looks great when installed properly, so you can also use it as an aesthetic feature of your landscape. You can add to its beauty by planting flowers and shrubs or by adding a water feature such as a fountain or a waterfall.


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