Why Patio Pavers are Better than Concrete Slab for Your New Patio

virginia-beach-pavers-landscaping-1 The recent warm weather has gotten many Maryland homeowners dreaming of spring and summer days again! If you haven’t started planning upgrades for your landscaping yet, now is the time to start. A new patio is a great way to add livable space to your outdoor area and gives you a place to relax or entertain guests. When looking at a new patio, you generally have two choices for the material – pavers and concrete slab. While each has their own set of advantages, patio pavers are by far the best material you can choose for your new patio. Here’s why.

Cost over Time

One advantage that concrete slab has over pavers is the initial cost of installation. There’s no doubt that slab costs less than pavers at first – but when looking at total costs of ownership over the lifetime of the patio, pavers actually come out on top. This is because they are much less costly to maintain and repair.


Concrete patios need to be cleaned and sealed regularly to prevent cracks if they are to last through their full life cycle. And when cracking occurs, it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent irreparable damage to the patio. On the other hand, pavers can be replaced individually as necessary and do not require such burdensome maintenance.

Longevity of Your New Patio

While each material has a similar lifespan (assuming maintenance on concrete is kept up), consider what you might need to do if you wanted to expand your patio later. If your patio is made with pavers, it’s quick and easy to add more pavers to expand the space.


Concrete slab has one possible look. Instead of a drab aesthetic, consider that paver patios come in a number of different styles and colors to complement the rest of your landscape and home and create an attractive aesthetic.

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