Preparing Your Property for Snow Removal Service

Hiring a residential snow removal service like TDH Landscaping is one of the best decisions you make for your winter landscape maintenance and peace of mind. When the snow starts falling, it can be stressful worrying about how to dig yourself out. And, for some homeowners, shoveling snow can be excruciatingly painful. However, it is important to make sure that your landscape is adequately prepared before the snowstorm hits. Good preparation ensures that your landscape will stay beautiful after the snow melts. Here are a few things you should do.

Remove Objects from the Yard

You’ll want to clear a path so the snow removal service can operate smoothly. Left objects get in the way and can even be damaged during the removal process. It is important to clear out your patio to avoid any unnecessary damage. Furniture, grills, lawn maintenance equipment, external planters, and extended fence lines are all items that should be stowed safely in a dedicated storage area.

Mark Critical Areas of Your Property

Clearly visible markers are essential to protect your landscape from damage and establish the area of work for your snow removal service. All renovations in progress should be marked off, as well as driveways, walkways, and any hardscape edges. Without markers, your lawn could be subject to unintended tearing and displacement which can be costly to repair.

Take Some Extra Steps After The Storm

Once the snow has been removed, there are a few post-storm steps you should take to further protect your landscape. Make sure that the areas around your doors, walkways, and mailbox are cleared of snow – this helps prevent runoff which can damage your lawn. Use a good deicing agent such as magnesium chloride on your driveway and walkways which won’t cause undue stress on your landscape. And prepare for the next snowstorm by having all of your snow removal tools within easy reach!


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