Simple Tips For Pruning Trees and Plants


Pruning your trees and plants is easier than you might think.

It is the beginning of October, which means it will be getting cooler and cooler outside.  Since the temperature outside will be dropping, you want to that your trees and garden will survive the impending winter.  One of the most important elements of gardening and landscape maintenance is pruning.  Taking out your shears and pruning keeps your plants healthy and ensures new growth.  However, it is important that you know when and specifically how to prune your trees and plants.

What To Look For

When it comes to pruning your garden and trees, you need to know what exactly to cut off.  In general, you want to prune any dead, dying, or diseased branches. If you have a plant or tree that is disease-ridden, you want to cut well below the affected area.  You also want to cut off any limbs that are overgrowing or taking up surrounding areas, such as walkways. Using these methods allows more sunlight to reach your trees and shrubs.

What To Prune In The Fall

During every season, there is specific type of plant or tree that is ripe for pruning.  You should be pruning, specifically deadheading, your perennials before winter comes through.  Deadheading is the removal of dead or dying flowers from plants to promote more growth to the plants itself.  Deadheading is important because it allows your perennial plants to bloom more throughout their blooming season, as well as, creating a more clean look to your garden.

What To Use

One of the most important elements of pruning is knowing which tools to use for each plant or tree.  In general, you want to use a sharp, clean tool for pruning so that you achieve a precise cut. There are four general types of tools used for pruning which include hand pruners, loppers, shears, and saws.  Hand pruners are effective for pruning individual plants and flowers. Loppers are best for cutting branches of trees. Shears are necessary for pruning large bushes or shrubs. Saws are best to cut off large thick branches.



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