Simple Tips To Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

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Learn how to design your dream outdoor kitchen!

Even though we are at the beginning of winter and it is getting colder out, you shouldn’t put your landscape renovation plans on hold.  Right now is the perfect time to plan out your renovation project so that it is ready for spring.  A popular landscape project among homeowners is the installation of an outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is an effective way to extend your living space.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips you can follow if you want to design your own outdoor kitchen.

Focus On The Space and Layout and Budget

When it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen, you need to focus on the space and square-footage you have to work with.  Depending on the size of your landscape, you might be able to only fit a grill and a few other appliances. If you have excess square-footage, then you can create a large outdoor living space with high-quality appliances and hardscaping features.  You also want to focus on the layout of your kitchen. Do you want separate areas or do you want to design an open-layout environment? Keep in mind, the larger the space usually means a larger budget. Understanding your budget limitations will determine the extent of your outdoor kitchen and can also eliminate wasted design time.  There are many websites that you can get the average square footage rates for installed hardscapes like Outdoor Kitchens, please also make sure the rates are for the Mid-Atlantic region. Most of the time the rates are just labor rates , you will need to add in the materials you have selected. For example natural stone will cost more than pavers.

Know The Materials

One of the most important aspects of designing an outdoor kitchen is the materials that will go into the space.  When designing an outdoor kitchen, you need a strong base for all of your features to lie on. You might need to install a patio if you do not have one already so that you can create a strong foundation for your kitchen.  From there, you may want to create walls to surround the space and countertops to make the kitchen functional. Natural stone or concrete pavers are popular materials for outdoor kitchens and both are incredibly durable. The cost difference between pavers and natural stone can be significant so do your homework.

Light It Up

If you want to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen, then you install lighting around the space.  There are several types lighting fixtures you need, including task and overhead lighting. TDH Landscaping supplies high-quality LED lights for any landscape, which can help elevate your outdoor kitchen.  Lighting will help make cooking easier and enhance the appearance of the space. Lighting has been one of the trends for this year and years to come. LED lighting is becoming more affordable and the maintenance for these lights is less since LEDs last longer.


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