How Trench Drains Can Solve Your Landscape Drainage Issues

Properties consisting of flat terrain or dense earth and soil tend to have issues with water drainage. Stormwater and runoff accumulate on the land, creating all kinds of problems within the landscape. These problems could even extend to your actual home, leading to water damage that is difficult and costly to repair.  Trench drains could be another solution to your landscape drainage needs. Here’s why.

Ensures Access in High-Traffic Areas of Your Property

When standing water or excessive mud blocks off a portion of your property, it is not only an inconvenience – it can be dangerous too. It is especially important to make sure the high-traffic areas of your property – walkways, footpaths, parking areas, and the like – are able to be accessed at all times, so your ability to traverse them is safe and unhindered. Trench drains ensure that high-traffic areas are drained thoroughly and quickly to eliminate the inconvenience and danger associated with standing water.

Protects Your Landscape and Property

Landscape drainage issues affect more than simply the aesthetics of your property. Runoff that is not drained properly can lead to extensive soil erosion – drowning flowers and plants and causing major damage to your overall outdoor landscape. In addition, this runoff can eventually flow close to your home which can result in damage to its structural integrity and foundation. Trench drains alleviate this danger and protect your property and landscape from potential catastrophic damage.

A Professional Solution

Trench drains, like any landscape drainage solution, needs to be properly installed to function well. The preparations that go into assessing stormwater runoff solutions are delicate and precise, and they need to be handled by trained professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to choose and implement an effective drainage solution. Don’t leave your landscape to just anyone – call the professionals here at TDH Landscaping to speak to one of our two Maryland-certified erosion control specialists.


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